Ashgabat branch of the National Bank of Pakistan (registration number 25186245 dated 25 October 2018, tax code 101341002802, MFO 390101736, address: N.Gullayev str.,33, Ashgabat) notifies of the starting the procedure for voluntary liquidation of the branch based on the decision of the General meeting of the Board of Directors of the Main office in Pakistan.

Interested parties (clients/ depositors/creditors/debtors) may contact the Bank within 2 (two) months from the date of publication of the announcement about the liquidation of the branch in Official Press of Turkmenistan.

For more information, please call: +993 (12) 22-14-91 / +993 (12) 22-14-83, email:;

The closure of the NBP Ashgabat branch is connected with its voluntary liquidation in pursuance of international business strategy for NBP’s international operations duly approved by its Board of Directors based at Karachi, Pakistan. At the same time, the branch’s financial position is stable and has enough liquid funds to fully respond to its all obligations and settle accounts with all its depositors / customers. The Ashgabat branch of National Bank of Pakistan has been operating in Turkmenistan since 1997 year as per banking license granted by Central Bank of Turkmenistan.

About Us

NBP – the future which can be trusted

National Bank of Pakistan branch opening in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, answers aspirations of the Pakistan government in strengthening of economic and trade relations between two countries. From the moment of its opening, in quite short period the NBP branch has gained belief and trust of considerable part of society, in the list of it's clients are representative offices of various international organizations, embassies and nongovernmental organizations appear.

National Bank of Pakistan is the modern bank institute working through the international SWIFT (NBPATM22) system and a wide network of local and foreign subsidiaries, it is equal as an active player in the domestic market of foreign currency. For the purpose of promotion of national currency of Turkmenistan – manat, the Bank provides services at par value. Also NBP provides services in currency accounts servicing at par value where services in servicing of the settlement account are not included, for the purpose of stimulation of a bank system of Turkmenistan.


Branch Mission

NBP – the future which can be trusted

We also cherish the following goal:
- Prosperity of our partners and clients by creating effective financial management methods
- Enhancing the welfare of the country by promoting prosperity of the population and business by following the principles of social and corporate responsibility
- Timely provision of complete range of financial services to private and corporate clients to improve their well-being
- Apply of financial services and resources of the bank to expand capacity of its partners in particular and improve the quality of life and business of the people of Turkmenistan Republic in general, so that the benefit of the banking service cascade down the people of Turkmenistan Republic.
- Constant growth and development of the bank in the best interest of its clients and partners, employees and the state as a whole.

We are confident that we will achieve our goals through extensive experience working with population and business representatives, significant personnel potential and ongoing dialogue with its partners. We expect to achieve these goals by providing general, understandable and accessible services for all occasions, due to implementation of key principle by taking care of each client and partners.



NBP – the future which can be trusted

The national bank of Pakistan in Ashgabat having the full banking license performs the activities in Turkmenistan since 1996 year and provides all types of banking services as physical, so to legal entities, on profitable terms.

Our bank provides the following banking services in to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan:
- Opening of accounts in manats and foreign currency to physical persons and legal entities.
- The international currency transfers (SWIFT) on profitable rates.
- Transactions on an exchange to foreign currency.
- Cash transactions (deposits/removal from accounts).
- Money transfers across Turkmenistan.
- Opening and registration of letters of credit.
- Release and confirmation of guarantees.
- Crediting in manats and foreign currency of clients of bank – entrepreneurs of small and medium business, enterprise customers and legal entities.
- Consumer crediting and mortgages.
- The credits to physical persons in local currency.

We hope for long and mutually beneficial business relations with you.
In the presence of any questions, we ask to contact us without delay.



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USD / TMT - 3,5000
EUR / TMT - 4,1811
GBP / TMT - 4,6365

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Turkmenistan, Ashgabat city, N.Gullayev street, 33 +993 12 22-14-91 +993 12 22-14-83 +993 12 22-14-36